Consultancy & Research

At SANG Associates, we are driven delivering success for all our clients through maximizing gains from dealings with our clients’ properties, while minimizing risks to an acceptable level.  We combine in-depth researches with proven research techniques and the collective professional insights across all specialized and market centric departments in the firm.

With our comprehensive information base and specialized expertise, we offer our consultancy services to our clients;  which include proposals on improving development and planning concepts, market forecasts, portfolio evaluation and allocation, feasibility studies, optimum product mix, pricing, real estate audits, development phasing and timing, urban planning, and strategies to maximize a project’s potential value.

Some of our existing experiences include:

  • Compilation of economic overview of Malaysian market and the office market in Kuala Lumpur.
  • Compilation and analysis of existing and new high-end housing, condominium, and service apartments developments in Klang Valley (including market trend, price range, rental yield, property’s size, property designs, and take-up rate of the high-end residential market in Klang Valley).  Findings were gathered to advise clients on feasibility studies, development and marketing purposes.
  • Research consultancy of valuation and real estate assignments to advise client whether to sell or redevelop  the property and which of the option would be more profitable and feasible.

Success-Driven Approach

Our consultancy services aim at maximizing gains from property dealings while minimizing risks, driven by a commitment to the success of our clients.

Market-Centric Insights

Our research and consultancy services integrate insights from various market-centric departments, offering a holistic view of the real estate landscape.

In-Depth Research Expertise

Combining proven research techniques with in-depth analyses, we provide clients with a knowledge-driven approach to real estate decision-making.

Risk Mitigation Strategies

We assist clients in mitigating risks to an acceptable level, providing strategic recommendations based on thorough research and analysis.

Service Experiences

Navigating Market Trends Successfully

Engaged by a property developer, our Consultancy & Research team conducted a detailed market analysis to guide a new residential project. By combining market-centric insights with proven research techniques, we provided strategic recommendations. The project’s success reflected the effectiveness of our consultancy in navigating dynamic market trends.

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