Corporate Real Estate

The Corporate Real Estate practice provides dedicated professional property services to our corporate clients.  At SANG Associates, we strive to understand the unique business environment in which each of our clients operates.  Our aims are to provide seamless real estate services designed to the individual needs of our corporate clients with the intention to align the real estate needs of our client to strategic corporate goals.

Corporate Real Estate’s objectives are focused on the following:

  • Understanding the client’s business strategy
  • Reviewing our clients real estate needs
  • Aligning our client’s real estate with their overall business strategy
  • Manage their real estate assets
  • Provide ‘value added’ services to our client
  • Delivering an integrated service across regional and country borders

Our key people were experienced in the sale and marketing of the Bangunan Shell Malaysia located in Damansara Heights.

Long-Term Partnerships

Building enduring relationships, we strive to become long-term partners, offering ongoing support and expertise in corporate real estate management.

Seamless Integration

Our aim is to seamlessly integrate our real estate services with the corporate objectives, ensuring a harmonious and purposeful approach to real estate management.

Strategic Planning

We analyze and understand the unique business environment of each corporate client, developing real estate strategies that contribute to overall business success.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We provide cost-effective real estate solutions, maximizing value while staying aligned with the financial goals of our corporate clients.

Service Experiences

Optimizing Corporate Space for Growth

Engaging with a corporate client seeking to optimize their real estate holdings, our Corporate Real Estate team developed a strategic plan aligning property assets with business objectives. Through a meticulous approach, we facilitated a seamless transition to more strategically located offices, ultimately enhancing the client’s operational efficiency and supporting growth.

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