Valuation & Advisory

Valuation is a service that requires a high degree of professionalism, integrity and independence.  Our team has undertaken numerous valuations of properties worth millions of Ringgit over the years with a clean record and will continue to conduct valuations on a fair, professional, and independent basis as well as in compliance with Malaysia and International Standards.

The firm undertakes valuation for the following purposes:

  • Mortgage and Financing
  • Sales or Purchase (including for public and private tenders)
  • Financial Reports and Fair Value Accounting
  • Initial Public Offerings (IPO), Reverse Takeovers (RTO), and Share Issuance
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Partnership, Joint Venture and Privatization
  • Receivership
  • Fire Insurance
  • Statutory Valuations (Compulsory Land Acquisition, Stamp Duty, State Land Alienation, Rating)
  • Leasing and Rent Reviews
  • Insurance
  • Litigation

Among the key projects undertaken by members of the team include valuation of wide range of individual residential, commercial and industrial premises, valuation of commercial properties for submission to Securities Commission, valuation of multi-parcels development and industrial lands,  valuation of land for compulsory land acquisition, valuation of Sungei Wang retail spaces, and valuation of Sheraton Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

High Professional Standards

Valuation services are conducted with the utmost professionalism, integrity, and independence, adhering to both Malaysian and International Standards.

Fair and Independent Valuations

Valuations are conducted on a fair, professional, and independent basis, providing clients with trustworthy and unbiased property assessments.

Extensive Valuation Experience

With a clean record and years of experience, our team has undertaken valuations of properties worth millions of Ringgit, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Compliance Assurance

We ensure strict compliance with the established standards in Malaysia and internationally, maintaining the highest ethical standards in our valuation practices.

Service Experiences

Unlocking Property Potential

Tasked with valuing a mixed-use property for a discerning client, our Valuation & Advisory team conducted a comprehensive assessment. By applying in-depth market insights and meticulous research, we provided a valuation that not only met but exceeded client expectations. This empowered the client to make informed decisions, unlocking the full potential of their property.

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